Juice Cubes

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Need to know how to beat a Juice Cubes level? Juice Cubes is a new match-three game of Rovio Stars, the creators of Angry Birds. The cheerful colors, catchy music: it’s like you’re on vacation!

It sounds like an easy move by Rovio Stars – a game literally copying and provide another jacket – but you do in this case no need to worry about its quality: the previous games of Rovio Stars, Tiny Thief and Icebreaker, were both gems.


- Play over 165 levels packed with challenging puzzles!
- Create and combine fruit bombs for a few real explosive surprises!
- A tropical archipelago with cute and colorful graphics!
- Meet pirates, mermaids and witches while hopping from island to island!
- Easy to start, but hard to master!
- Race against your Facebook friends on the islands!
- Play exciting new islands and outrageous characters free!
- Play that difficult levels from using bonuses and amulets!


How to play Juice Cubes

Connect three or more cubes / fruits in any direction desired. You can connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally! Strings of three fruit is the minimum.

Tips and Tricks

  • Strings of 3 fruit simply disappear for a few points. Strings of 4-7 fruit creates “explosive fruit“. Strings of 8+ fruit creates a powerful “fruit sandwich“! Activate the special fruit’s power by connecting it in a normal 3+ string, or by swapping with any other special tile.
  • In a string of 4+ fruit, the special fruit is always the last one in the string. So it may be worthwhile to undo your selection (simply trace your path backwards) and reverse the order, if it will put two bombs next to each other.
  • In strings of 4-7 fruit, how you end your string determines the bomb type:
    • End moving vertically: The bomb will clear the entire column when activated.
    • End moving horizontally: The bomb will clear the entire row when activated.
    • End moving diagonally: The bomb will clear all immediately-adjacent fruit when activated.
  • A fruit sandwich bomb in a string of 3+ (say) strawberries will clear every strawberry on-screen.
  • There is no cascading effect, so it is worthwhile on “pure score” levels to leave as many “explosive fruit” as possible for the very end. An exception might be combining two explosive fruits to clear out massive areas.
  • In the sand-removal or bucket-dropping levels, you are nearly guaranteed three stars if you can complete the objective with 2+ moves remaining. Don’t worry so much about saving explosive fruit on this one. For each extra move you have in the bank, you earn 3000 points AND an explosive fruit appears in the grid.

Play Juice Cubes

Juice Cubes is free to play game for Android, iOS, and Facebook.


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26 thoughts on “Juice Cubes

  1. Michelle

    Can you explain all the extra awards, trinkets or amulets at the top of the screen in the game, how and when do you use them. I’m on level 64 and have never been able to us any of those?!

  2. aq

    If u guys actually looked at the tutorial in the beginning lvls you’d know u can make fruit bombs by ending straight horizontally or straight vertically and round bombs from ending diagonally.

  3. my dogs rock

    i just discovered this game about 2 weeks ago…and love it!
    however…i have been stuck on level 45 about 3 days now…i just cant get it…i have got down to 2 to 5 cubes left several times…but just cant seem to beat this level…i’m really getting frustrated…so im gonna give it 1 more day, and if i don’t beat it by then…i’m an outtie…

    fingers crossed that i beat it ;-)

  4. Msrcie

    I am on level 84. For the past two and a half days I have waited and waited but no hearts fill in and it keeps telling that I have from 35 to 55 minutes until I get then but it never happens. Please help me.

  5. Larry

    when you get to the end of a level and it ask you to buy gold or ask friends or search treasure map. well every day when i come back it goes to next day and then it goes back. It will not let me move on.


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